The Art of Self-Decoration for Celebrations | Key Tips, Tricks, and Things to Avoid

  • The Art of Self-Decoration for Celebrations | Key Tips, Tricks, and Things to Avoid

    As summer arrives, our key celebrations often move from the inside of our homes to the great outdoors. During these important gatherings with family and friends, one question often comes up - Can I handle the party decoration myself or should I get some help?
    Hiring a professional party decorator can make the planning process easier by taking care of all the small details and decisions. However, it's also worth thinking about doing the decorations yourself. Why, you ask?
    Doing your own party decorations can be a fun and relaxing activity. It's a chance to be creative, matching different textiles, table settings, dishes, and flowers. You might find it's a great way to pass the time.
    Professional decorating services can be costly, especially when you're planning a big event. If you're careful with your budget, doing your own decorations can save money.

    A Beginners Guide to Table Decorations

    If you want to do your own decorations, don't worry about buying lots of tablecloths, dishes, or glasses. You can rent all of these things today. In fact, when you rent textiles from our website, you can also find many examples of table decorations alongside the tablecloths or napkins. So, if you're short on ideas, you can find inspiration there!
    What rules should you follow?

    Cleanliness and Esthetic.

    Colorful napkins, fancy vases, or colored candles can look nice, but too many different colors or patterns can make a table look messy. To keep a balanced look, we recommend using up to 4 colors in your table decor. If you like patterns, use a tablecloth and napkins made from the same fabric. If you're using a colorful tablecloth, try using solid color napkins, ideally white or light-colored ones.

    Remember, no table decor will look good if the textiles are dirty, the coasters are not clean, or the dishes have chips or cracks. These small details are important, so pay attention to them.

    The Height of the Decorations

    Use tall, thin candles with low-cut flower arrangements, or large candles with smaller flowers. Make sure the decorations don't block the view across the table. This way, your guests can easily talk to each other. If the decorations are in the way, guests might move them off the table.
    The Importance of Table Decor
    When you do your own table decorations, you create a special experience for your guests. Your guests will appreciate the time and effort you put into making the table look nice. When guests feel welcomed, the celebration is sure to be a success.
    We wish you a fun summer full of great celebrations and beautiful DIY decorations!