Color of the year 2023 according to the Pantone Color Institute

Color of the year 2023 according to the Pantone Color Institute

This year is color chosen by the Pantone Color Institute is Viva Magenta

The color tells about vitality and energy. Although it is bright, it is nevertheless a shade rooted in nature - bold, fearless, vibrant, and encouraging drive and rebellion.

How to liven up a table with the bold Viva Magenta color?

Not everyone dares to lay a red tablecloth, maybe it is more acceptable as an accent for the Christmas table. But there is no need to do it, we can bring brightness and freshness with smaller details or napkins.

Genius is in the details. Choose candles, candlesticks, vases, or paper napkins in red shades. It's an especially big investment, but the table will instantly look "more alive" without being, you know, trendy.

Bouquets of fresh flowers. Red is perhaps the most popular flower color. Make the most of it on your desk this year.

Delicious, colorful food. Food is probably the main component of a cozy table. Boldly decorate the table with clinging strawberries and raspberries, watermelon, make beetroot hummus, and tomato salad, and enjoy colorful, delicious food.

We wish you to bring as much color as possible into your interior this year!