About us

  • The brand EVADAY was born from the need to create. First of all, table textiles - tablecloths, napkins, and table decor elements. The second important creative breakthrough happened when I was looking for my own approach to table textiles and the values that I want to convey to others together with the product. It is connection and tradition. Relationship between family members loved ones, relatives, friends, and cousins. Traditions are one of the ways to create that connection. Through the tradition of common breakfasts and dinners, family conversations at the table, and of course, the tradition of delicious food, which is important for Lithuanians. This is what EVADAY talks about - fostering connections and traditions.

    Table tradition is not such a popular concept in Lithuania. Our goal is to present table decor as a self-explanatory process - stylish, simple, and accessible to everyone. We believe that decorating a table often does not require a large investment or understanding of interior design. It takes a little desire and a little time. EVADAY's goal is to reach anyone and everyone who cherishes the connection with loved ones, the beauty of the home, the aesthetics, and appreciates longevity.

    The table textile studio is today a small family business, where mother and daughter - Daiva and Evelina - work every day. Although at the beginning of the activity, the name was Lithuanian and clear - "Stalo studija", as the activity progressed, we realized the need to change the name to something more international and understandable to the rest of the world. When creating it, you didn't have to think long - the names that inspired the creation of EVADAY are Evelina + Daiva. Without the nurtured mother-daughter relationship, seeking compromises, creating and pursuing common ideas, goals, and traditions nurtured at home - EVADAY simply could not exist. Here is what we live by and what wishes we add when packing each shipment. We believe, strive, and want traditions to live in every home.