Serving "Yellow Ray for Easter"

  • How to decorate the Easter table is a common thought before the holiday... But there is no need to rush and buy something new every time so that daisies and natural decor create a good mood.

    Nature itself gives us many beautiful things from which decorations are created, these are bits, cranes or bunnies made of hay, and daisies made of moss. Greens grown on the windowsill, a few daffodils, and the table will smell of spring freshness. The aroma of the flowers of awakening nature intertwined with the flame of candles will create a cozy environment.

    The colors of nature and earth will always match on the Easter table, you can't go wrong by choosing a sandy-colored tablecloth with napkins as yellow as the sun. A few Easter details on napkins, daisies, and the Easter table is ready.