Serving "Sunny Easter"

  • How to decorate the Easter table is a common thought before the holiday... Every year, you want to buy something new, the shops sparkle with colorful Easter decorations. But there is no need to rush and buy something new every time. We will create a rainbow of colors with Easter daisies.

    The greens grown on the windowsill can make us happy already in the active spring, and bring a whole bunch of freshness to the Easter table. For table decor, use natural decorations made of hay: beets, cranes, bunnies or moss - eggs.

    Use a tablecloth in pastel, calm colors to make the Easter decorations stand out more. A sandy-colored tablecloth will go well with lime-colored napkins in the spring. And the edible Easter bunny will be a fun gift on a plate. Light a few candles to create a cozy table decor. And put the Easter daisies in a felt basket.