Introducing : a table decor collaboration with Indrė Sapagovaitė Briedelienė

  • Introducing : a table decor collaboration with Indrė Sapagovaitė Briedelienė

    We are thrilled to introduce our latest table decor collection, a collaboration with the esteemed etiquette guru Indrė Sapagovaitė Briedelienė. This collection features two distinct product lines - the serene and tranquil 'SERENITY' collection, and the bold and vibrant 'INDIGO LINE' collection.

    The Serenity product line features Easter napkins, a tablecloth, matching napkins, and cocktail napkins, all of which are made from a blend of cotton and PES. The napkins are embroidered with delicate pastel-colored details, while the tablecloth features intricately embroidered flowers with nature vibes. The cocktail napkins, the first of their kind in Lithuania, are an exciting addition to the collection.

    The Indigo Line product line includes a water-resistant PES tablecloth, matching napkins, and cocktail napkins. The tablecloth and napkins feature a stunning indigo color and are perfect for outdoor events or any occasion where spills may occur. The cocktail napkins are perfect for serving drinks in style and protecting surfaces from spills.

    Indrė has always dreamed of creating a table decor collection that reflects her personal style and sophistication. The two distinct product lines represent the two sides of Indrė - her calm and serene nature, and her bold and adventurous spirit. The collaboration with EVADAY allowed her to bring her vision to life and create a collection that is both beautiful and functional.

    In conclusion, the new table decor collection from EVADAY and Indrė Sapagovaitė Briedelienė is a unique and exciting addition to the Lithuanian market. With two distinct product lines, the collection is perfect for any occasion and reflects Indrė's personal style and sophistication. EVADAY is proud to be the only brand in Lithuania to offer cocktail napkins, making this collection even more special. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Indrė and bring her vision to life.