Softened linen tablecloth 'BINDWEED'

  • Softened linen tablecloth 'BINDWEED'

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    A well-set table is a canvas on which you can create a beautiful and memorable dining experience.

    100% softened linen
    The origin of the fabric
    The color may slightly differ from the one shown in the photo. It depends on the brightness settings of your computer or phone screen.
  • The 'BINDWEED' softened linen tablecloth is a stunning and versatile addition to any dining room. Its milky-nude color is enhanced by a beautiful pattern of nude cream colored leaves, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Made from high-quality softened linen, the tablecloth is exceptionally soft and comfortable to the touch. Its natural texture adds an element of luxury and sophistication to your dining experience. Since it is made of linen, it is also highly durable and long-lasting.

    To preserve the tablecloth's delicate texture, it is important not to iron it. Instead, it should be dried in a dryer to maintain its cloud-like fluffiness. This ensures that the 'BINDWEED' tablecloth will remain a beautiful and stylish addition to your dining room for years to come, no matter what the occasion.