The Beginner's Guide to Paper Napkins | Material, Shapes, and Sizes

  • The Beginner's Guide to Paper Napkins | Material, Shapes, and Sizes

     Mastering the Art of Table Decor: A Guide to Choosing and Using Napkins 

     Napkins are an essential part of table decor and guest comfort. While we can manage without tablecloths, trays, or utensil holders, a meal is typically incomplete without napkins. How do you choose paper napkins that meet your individual needs and make the most of their practical and aesthetic features?

    When selecting napkin material, consider the occasion and the setting.

    You've likely noticed that cafes often have thin napkins placed in designated holders on the table.

    In other restaurants, napkins are made from thicker fabric-like materials (we also offer such Airlaid and Punta Punta textile napkins in our range). These fabrics not only look but also feel like cloth to the touch.

    In restaurants that prioritize guest service and a good dining experience, the table decor often even includes cloth napkins.

    These guidelines, tried and tested in restaurants, can also be applied at home. For everyday use, simple paper napkins suffice, while for special occasions like Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas breakfast, you can indulge your guests with cloth napkins.

    A Feast for the Eyes
    With the growing trend of elaborate table decor, the paper napkin market is also introducing exceptional designs, shapes, and sizes. Even basic table decor can be adjusted according to the theme of the occasion with budget-friendly paper napkins. For example, adorn your Christmas table with green/red napkins, yellow ones for Easter, and pink for Mother's Day. These are just examples—the only limit to your table decor is your imagination!

    Below we present various shapes and sizes of napkins. These forms are not the only ones available, and you can mix and match according to your and your guests' needs.

    Wishing you freedom and success in your creative endeavors!