When are paper napkins suitable for table setting?

When are paper napkins suitable for table setting?

Airlaid Punta textile - disposable and almost like cloth

These textile napkins are an excellent alternative to fabric napkins, especially during festive occasions at home.

Paper Airlaid textile napkins are convenient and practical as they can be easily used, folded into shapes, hold their form well, and can be disposed of after use, as there is no need to wash or iron them.

Airlaid disposable napkins can be a great choice for various celebrations such as birthdays, christenings, picnics, family gatherings, and more. Their design and colors can be chosen according to the theme of the specific event, adding to the overall table decoration.

Airlaid textiles are suitable for practical-minded people who still appreciate quality

Airlaid textiles serve as an alternative to fabric materials, and though they are disposable (though can be reused a few times if treated gently), they absorb moisture perfectly and feel like genuine cotton material. These napkins come in a wide selection of designs and colors, and they can be mixed and matched with napkin rings and table runners.

One advantage of Airlaid table runners is that they can be used on tables of various lengths. They are easily tearable every 1.20 meters (with a roll length of 24 meters) and have marks, so you can use as much as needed depending on the table's length. This allows you to use them for multiple occasions and create different settings by changing the color of the napkins or napkin rings to match the table runner.

Airlaid textiles serve as an excellent intermediate option between regular disposable napkins and fabric ones. These textiles will not look cheap, and they are more affordable than fabric napkins. Creating table decorations with these textiles provides a unique experience for the guests.

However, it's essential to remember that for special and exclusive events such as high-level dinners (political or business meetings, weddings), high-quality fabric napkins are more suitable as they add elegance and exclusivity to the table service.

If you lack ideas for table decor or are unsure how to coordinate table textiles with your home interior, feel free to contact our team.